I would like to introduce you to DBG Technology Sales, Inc. We are an independent distributor, of electronics and electronic related materials, that strives to provide a total procurement solution for electronics.

Many independent distributors focus on "hard to find" or "obsolete" product. At DBG Technology Sales, we don't limit ourselves to only providing for a niche market. We want to provide a total solution no matter what your requirements are. We want to be added to your normal distribution list because our experience and service values are what you should expect from all your distributors.

Our goal is to give the customer the most current, correct and most complete information to assist our customers in making the best decision in their procurement needs. We can compete with all levels of distribution. Sometimes our prices won't be the cheapest, but we will still help point you in the right direction if we can't get the product, price or delivery you require. We do this to provide a service to insure a long lasting relationship.

Whether you need to buy, sell, design, test, package, prep, price, schedule or just get a second opinion, please contact DBG Technology Sales for the service you deserve.