DBG Technology Sales Inc. can help you liquidate excess inventory through its supply chain management program. Every customer has different issues with their inventories and what to do with them. We have some flexible programs to try and help customers get the inventory off their shelves or off the books.

DBG Technology can offer cash for inventories for immediate liquidation. Although this may be the quickest and easiest way to alleviate your inventory issues, it won't be the most economical. Normally cash offers are made based on what the product is currently worth (not the cost of the product originally) and is based on 5-15% cash on the dollar. We will purchase your product and ship to our location to sell in the open market.

Another option we can provide is to sell your product on consignment. This has proven to be a favorite with customers in the past. To be successful in selling your product there are a few processes that must be met to help us. We will have your product shipped to our location and we will inventory and quality inspect. Your inventory is still available to you at any time, and if the situation comes up where you need one of the items or all of the items back for your production then we will ship it back to you. By having the product in our stock it helps us by being able to ship to the customer the same day, have date code and lot code information, and to be able to better negotiate price. We will only sell the product once a price has been negotiated with the owner of the product in question. By doing this we can get your cost of goods returned to you at a much higher percentage than on the cash offer. Of course, this process will take a little longer to move but it is also much more flexible.

If you have excess inventory that you would like to have us look at please fax or e-mail the list to DBG Technology and we will have someone contact you with a solution.