Services available

Electronic Procurement services          

  • Manufactures represented(clickable, forwards to mfg list on same page)
  • Excess programs(clickable, forwards to general description on same page)
  • JIT Programs
  • Scheduling

Value Added services

  • Military Programming
  • Re-screening
  • Burn In
  • Solder-ability testing
  • Hot Solder Dipping
  • Full military testing

Component Prep

  • Tape and Reeling
  • Lead forming/Cutting
  • Solder Dipping
  • Special testing
  • Component Programming
  • Packing/Dry-packing

Excess Programs

Inventory — everybody wants to have it, but nobody wants to hold it. Having it means complete customer orders, humming production lines, amply stocked shelves. Holding it means tied-up working capital, expensive storage costs and risk of obsolescence.

DBG Technology Sales Inc. Can help you liquidate excess inventory through its Supply chain management program. Every customer has different issues with their Inventories and what to do with them. We have some flexible programs to try and help customers get their inventory off their shelves or off the books.

If you have any excess inventory that you would like us to have a look at please fax us the list to 817-430-9601 or e-mail the list to and we will contact you with a solution.